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Emailing is essential for all of us now days. From the office to home, it's the primary way many of us communicate. But avail this facility, the applications you use to check and read your email must first be set up. No matter which email program you use to send and receive emails, you must first enter your ISP information for it to do its work. This includes your ISP's POP and IMAP servers. If this sounds like rocket science or something that might be beyond your computer knowledge & safety zone, ask one of our Technicians to do it for you.

All you need to do is to call us and say something like, "I need you to set up my email" and after a short setup, our Expert will immediately start configuring everything for you. Generally, unless you change computers, this is something that only needs to be set up once. After this is done, you'll be able to use your ISP email etc email account, to send and receive email. It's that simple.

Fix-US offers third party technical support for Emails, featuring:
  • Setup new Email account.
  • Reducing increasing junk mails.
  • Fixing unwanted email pop ups.
  • Certificate errors while email accessing.
  • Removing Spam emails.
  • Installing various web browsers.
  • Resolution for the problems in sending and receiving emails.
  • Unable to download the email attachments.
  • Email attachment problem.
  • Security for email accounts.
Advantage of taking services from us:
  • All-inclusive 24x7 Online tech Support at an unbeatable price.
  • 98% First Call Resolution.
  • Instantaneous fix/repair for all Computer errors.
  • Optimizing your computer and the peripherals.
  • Instant professional assistance from Certified Engineers.